$200 deposit holds your spot.

Except for Zook Intimates which is $600

Session prices 200-

Shoot Sessions

Sitting Fees $100-$600 Depending on the shoot

Pet & Family Portraits!

Sitting Fee $150
Pricing for Artwork starts at $850

$100 Refundable deposit

Smile for the camera!

We specialize in finding out what makes you special, and bringing out the best in you.

Expand your shoot!

Family Love

Freeze time and remember moments that will last forever.

Ask about adding custom artwork


Capturing Memories

Capturing Memories

There is beauty in motion!

$100 refundable deposit
at time of booking
Sitting Fee
$150-300 depending on shoot
Pricing for Artwork starts at only $850
Ask about our rain shoot pricing!

Book a session!
Book a session!

We specialize in Theme related shoots.

Feel the magic as you are front and center, staring in your own cinematic experience!

Talk to us about an amazing customized shoot.


Headshots are so critical, from social media to cooperate identity. 45 mins
$100 refundable deposit at time of booking
• Sitting fee $100
•Two headshots for $475
• After first Two photos, $90 each
$100 refundable deposit at time of booking

Lets book your session!


An experience you will never forget!

Includes hair and makeup 

$600 Non-refundable Deposit

Pricing for Artwork starts at $850

Senior Packages

Pricing & Packages

The Standard

Our 40 min power packed session. Your parents want photos let's knock their socks off with great studio or outdoor portrait.
• Includes 4 Printable and social media files!


Lock and Load!

2 Hour session. Includes both studio and location shoot. We want to get a thumbprint of what makes you unique! Lets get out and have some fun. Add additional time and location for $400/hour. Includes 40 Printable and social media files.


Shoot for Glory

4-5 hours. We will break these into different sessions. Different locations, different times. Perfect for athletes that want to capture the seasonal glory of their sport! Includes an Italian 20 page album plus 40 Printable and social media files!


Add an album to your shoot

Check out our Best of the best Italian Album!

12 x 12 twenty sides album for $1500

Italian Albums. The best of the best

(A work of art in album form)

Starting at $1500

Signature Italian Wall Art

Archival inkjet print on archival paper. Professionally and artistically designed and made to show off your amazing work of art!

Pricing starts at $1500

Three 11 x 14 Matted prints

Three Italian made prints, (8 x 10 print 11 x 14 matte) capturing the heart of who you are. Using the highest quality printing available and attention to detail, make these archival prints beautiful and ready for framing.


Weddings Start at $3500 Call for details

Composites, Artwork.... Oh my!

An original masterpiece for generations to enjoy.

From pre planning to the making of your personal art, lets

explore this together.

Starting at $1500

Includes $1000 to spend towards Artwork

Digital Files

10 printable Images $1150

More theme shoot examples