Meet Stacy and Greg

Stacy and I are portrait photographers located in Lake Norman, North Carolina. My background as an illustrator in the entertainment industry allows for a unique and artistic approach to photography. The photos are just part of the experience! We would love to discover who you are and give you an awesome session!

 With so many photographers to choose from, what sets us apart? 

Customer Service is a huge part of what we do. Getting to know our clients helps us understand their needs and wants. We have won numerous national and international photography awards. Stacy brings with her a background as an esthetician, makeup artist and photographer. 

When not working we enjoy the great outdoors with our two young boys, and our dog, traveling whenever possible, and always looking for a new adventure to explore.

Most of our clients are concerned about posing in front of a camera.

We are here to set you at ease. Capturing your essence with joy and fun is what we do!

We consistently create unique, artistic work that inspires the viewer all while giving you the experience of a lifetime! We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with each client individually and make each of them feel comfortable throughout the process. 

We recognize that every client is different and truly enjoy embracing those differences to bring your photos to life!  

Passion becomes art.