Terms & Conditions

Session Deposit

We require a confirmation deposit hold your photography session booking.

  1. The confirmation fee is refunded on the day of your portrait and viewing session.
  2. Failure to “not show” automatically converts the deposit into studio credit.
  3. Appointments rescheduled within two weeks of your scheduled photography session date and time will automatically turn your deposit into studio credit.
  4. Cancellation must be done at least 3 days prior to Scheduled appointment
  5. Should the photography session be cancelled for any reason, then a 7% administrative service fee shall be charged, for any refund.
  6. In case of session cancellation or re-schedule, the offer expires 21 days after the original session appointment date. If new session date cannot be found within 21 days, then the confirmation fee is forfeited.

Product Orders

All orders made at the studio during your ordering appointment are non-refundable. Once you have ordered your product, the studio will immediately begin working on your order.

Most orders are ready for collection within four to five weeks after placing the order at the studio. Any exception can be due to high demand calendar months and delivery from Italy delays.

Any digital files included in a print order are only delivered on the same day as an order pickup from the studio.